A website is the first contact a user may have with your brand, which makes it a place to drive critical conversions, essentially a business tool. A good website can rocket your business to a different league altogether, while a poor one can hamper even the brightest prospects. It is very difficult match the level of expectations of the current consumer base. The major reason being the variance in the preferences of a certain user base. This variance compounds as time passes. You only have a very narrow window to impress your customers, i.e., to convince the visitors that the website is worth their attention.

Code Lanes strives to hit a bullseye when it comes to exceeding the user’s expectations. The expertise of the design team is certainly a guarantee for increasing the footfall of the website. The main areas of focus when we design a website are the sections on planning, visual design and a flawless UX in order to achieve the results. We make sure that our design helps in achieving different goals of the user and is one with:

  • Priority for the users’ needs. This is the first thing that comes on our list when we design a website. Being user centered, this is our foundation.
  • Purpose clearly and exclusively expressed through the design. An effective website has a certain beauty to it because of the brains behind it. But we make sure that the beauty does not shadow the coherence about the most important goals or conversion points of the website.
  • Discoverability to a great extent. The design must be such that people can easily find the website and that happens when search engine optimization is given importance along with the other processes. The technical optimization of a website is key to make it relevant, so that the users have a landing space to land on.

Our Design Process

  • User Research
  • Strategize
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Development and Launch