Social Media Optimization (SMO)

The Social Media Optimization services we offer, help your business grow in popularity, relationships and noteworthiness. Everyone knows the importance of social media and the power it holds to boost and revitalize businesses. It is therefore imperative for a service provider of any kind, to be on the social media and use it for selling his/her services.

Code Lanes helps you explore these avenues and handpick the good ones that suit your ideas and goals the most. This is why optimization in Social Media is so crucial for service providers. It helps prune the unwanted content or links and helps grow the best outputs you could ever wish for. Be it audio visual content or any content for that matter, Code Lanes will assist you in optimizing your social media processes and functions effectively.


Our SMO Process

  • Developing Brand Awareness

The growth of your followers on any social media platform mostly corresponds with number of referrals or the word of mouth spread of your services. Our services will help you in increasing your followers, the relevant ones to be precise. It is our duty to ensure that these followers suit your demographical interests and have behavioural congruence to your typical customers.

  • Building Strong Relationships

By optimization, we do focus on the engagement aspect of your audience as well. When there’s a strong connection between the service provider and the consumer, the likeliness of revenue generation increases. This interaction (likes, comments, share, etc.) is what we optimize for your social media output. The strength of this connection depends on the frequency of interaction.

  • Increasing Website Exposure

We all know how website traffic influences the leads and sales of a service. Code Lanes extensively works on this proportionality, optimizing the content and other features of your social media platforms. Social media Campaigns are our best bet at driving high volumes of traffic to your site. While this backed up by consistent ads that retarget recent visitors and influence them possibly.

Social Media Platforms

Since there is almost an infinite number of these platforms available, we make sure that out expert base is as varied as possible. This certainly makes it all the more complicated for us, but not for you. We optimize these resources and present only the ones that suit you the most.


More than 2 billion monthly active users, the longest surviving platform and the most actively used media, Facebook is almost a non-avoidable platform where we operate and optimize to make it efficient for you to work and expand on.


Another platform which is trending nowadays, Instagram has to be one of the most engaging of the lot. The use of audio-visual features is the highlight of this platform, making it very popular and the best media to build trust and relationships among your customers.

Google Ads

Like mentioned before, we work on ads as well, ones which consistently pop up on the screen of recent visitors. Google Ads are persistent, efficient and cost-effective means to build your popularity.


With a reach of 500 million decision makers and professionals, LinkedIn is another platform which we use for lead generation. This is very important for your business when it comes to the aspect of expanding your base. The leads you get in LinkedIn are extremely reliable and will surely benefit you in one way or the other.