SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO has become a recent instrument to bring your business to the forefront on the online platform so that the visibility is enhanced on all the top search engines. It is noticeable that internet users rarely go beyond the first page of a search engine. For the website to get adequate traffic, its important that the SEO ranking is high on google. This immensely helps with traffic generation and accordingly the due revenue.
We also focus on the increasing your organic visibility to relevant users through search engines and that this traffic drives to your website. At all times we keep intact the goals of your services, highest value for your products and more. We make sure that the latest trends and updates of SEO are all incorporated in your website.

search engine optimisation

We, at Codelanes, look forward to create content that deliver SEO services in a convenient and profitable manner for our clients. All our services follow the guidelines that are essential for a good SEO ranking in Google. We adhere to these rules with utmost diligence while keeping in mid the best practices in this field. The SEO packages we offer can be customised to your liking, and rest will be taken care of by us. It will then be our duty to get your site among the ones in the first page.

How Does SEO Work?
Search Engine Optimization is a crucial component of online marketing. The use of latest onsite and off-site strategies is necessary for top results. Google processes infinite searches each day, and most of the users expect their results to be served on a platter. If your company is not one among the first 7 results, it might as well be invisible. This is the harsh truth.
Another interesting trend is that there are officially more Google searches on mobile devices than on computers. So, we extensively work to make your website optimized for mobiles and other devices.


  • Keyword Research: Our analysts look into the areas where your website is lacking and identify the most effective keywords. This process will help in understanding your consumer base and their concerns.
  • Competitive Analysis: Due to the high competition of keywords in a particular field, we try to analyse their weaknesses and strengths and put them into use only when they’re needed to.
  • Lead Generation: Leads from well established sites help in high quality content and thus higher SEO ranks. This helps in maintain the achieved status quo of your website consistently.
  • Blogging: User experience is what defines on-site optimization. From the web design to the navigational structure of your site contributes to the optimized experience the consumers are looking for.
  • Brand Identity: Your signage is what carries your business. You need to have an optimized signage or brand identity to traverse through your marketing assets.
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