Loyalty is not won by being first, it is won by being best.

Codelanes is among the leading advertising agencies and we work for your guaranteed Return on Investment. We are experts in branding, marketing and management. We make sure that you are covered from the very conception of the campaign to the launch of your brand in any country.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO has become an unavoidable component of online marketing. The primary search engine, Google, ranks each website according to the presence of keywords and other relevant content. It is therefore crucial for a brand’s success, that its website is among the top ten results when searched for in similar contexts. SEO holds the key to traffic generation, which essentially is why you are there on the internet. The optimization part of it focuses on making your brand visible to relevant customers through different search engines. SEO is a constantly evolving technique, with updates every month. We make sure that all these trends and updates are taken care of and incorporated into your website efficiently. Our experts also ensure that this content is optimized for mobiles and other devices. Most people nowadays tend to use their mobiles for accessing search engines and thus it is very important to keep this aspect of SEO as priority.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

PPC ads are a mode of online marketing where advertisers pay an amount each time their ad is clicked on. It basically is a method of buying your traffic than organically doing it. The most common form of PPC ads are search engine advertisements. Here, the search engine charges an amount according to the placement of the ad and present them as sponsored links. Whenever keywords related to these ads are used, these links come at the top of the result page. Usually one of the most lucrative methods of advertising a brand, one must be mindful of the optimization part of these ads. We help in creating these ads and ensure that your ads appear at the top of the results. Each time a visitor is sent to your page, there are huge chances of you gaining a hefty profit out of it. We specialize in Google ads since it is one of the most popular advertising platforms in the world.

Social Media Marketing

SMM is a powerful method for branding and marketing of all sizes and levels. This helps in reaching out to customers and prospects with ease. Users are already interacting with brands on the social media and if you are not on any one of these platforms then you ae missing out on a lot. Successful campaigns and smart marketing can bring outstanding results to your brand, creating leads and driving sales. It is basically creating and sharing content on social media to reach your business goals. For this to happen, there has to be a good social media content planning and great social content. There has to be proper keyword research and competitive analysis to brainstorm and create content that sells. Regular posting and quality content are what sets your brand apart. We strive to achieve all these within the given time frame with utmost dedication.

Online Reputation Management

Your brand’s reputation online is how people see your brand. To manage your online reputation is to control the online conversation about you. These include techniques and strategies that ensure people find all the right stuff about your brand when they search for it. The purpose of online reputation management is to maintain your balance, counter negative influences and help you stand on the best foot forward. There are two cycles of online reputation. The vicious cycle where your reputation goes for a toss creating a whirlwind of misinformation and rum-ours. Then the virtuous cycle where everything goes as planned and the reputation is maintained. If you ask us why you should care about your online reputation, we would say people tend to believe anything and everything on the internet and hence they would believe whatever there on the internet about you or your brand.

Social Media Optimization

One of the most important steps in marketing is to optimize your social media platforms. This helps in creating brand awareness in the virtual world. To make your brand noteworthy, it is necessary to clear out all the virtual clutter and focus on the best output. We help you handpick the best methods and platforms that will lead to traffic generation. This optimization also helps in creating a strong relation with your virtual customers, providing them an opportunity to interact with you, quite similar to organic interactions. Optimization ensures that the frequency of interactions is maintained, hence giving customers that personal touch. Our team works extensively for your website’s exposure. We excel at all levels of exposure, creating campaigns that bring your brand to the fore. But it is necessary to keep the purpose of your campaign intact and that is why we optimize at different levels, choosing different methods best suited foe that particular level.

Content Marketing

Quality content should be at the core of your marketing strategy. Instead of boasting about the pros of your products and services, providing relevant content works better. Most of the leading brands use content marketing because it is one method which works regardless of any situation. Even small-scale businesses have recognized the importance of content marketing. The present and the future of marketing is Content. Now, brands don’t want all the informative clutter as was the trend in the past. They rely on creative and relevant content which makes this all the more intriguing considering thousands of pools of content that exists on the internet today. We make sure that your content is made with decisive precision and fool proof strategies to drive traffic inbound and create leads. This will increase your sales, make marketing cost effective and help you gain loyal customers.

Affiliate Marketing

Put simply, affiliate marketing is when an owner uses an affiliate that targets similar audience, to refer to his product and thereby increase sales with trivial commissions to the affiliate. Through this method you can earn a healthy income if done well. This process usually happens through a blog, website or social media platforms. The commission rates ay vary with respect to the company and the demand of its product. The benefit of this method lies in the fact that you only have to deal with marketing the product or educating the users. This method is low risk and usually there are no costs to join this program. This can be profitable once your affiliate is an established one. The only investment you put in is time and after that its mostly passive income through commission. It is almost a steady paycheck.

Viral Marketing

This has a lot to do with a pre-planned strategy and lots of luck. If your brand’s marketing strategy is able to generate traffic through virtual and organic interactions at a pace similar to which a virus spreads, it is known as viral marketing. The natural habitat of this marketing strategy are social media networks. 2D videos, vlogs, memes etc., can be used for viral marketing. Once your brand is viral, the amount of income generated will be beyond comprehension. YouTube is one of the best platforms to do this, since these videos can be shared on most platforms. It is our job to minimize the risk of this strategy since there are chances of misinterpretation or parodying the whole campaign. Our team simply creates content or a video that has the potential to go viral and help you in your business. This, even though sounds simple, is very difficult, but that’s why we’re there.

Experiential Marketing

This strategy is wholly based on the experiential aspect of a brand. We focus on helping your customers experience the joy of using your products or services. This is a unique strategy since it does not stick to the traditional methods of marketing. This can also be referred to as engagement marketing since it aims at engaging customers with the brand in as many ways possible. The aim of this strategy is to form an emotional and personal connect to the product and thus foster customer loyalty. This kind of marketing makes customers feel privileged and gives them feel-good emotions that is necessary for brand loyalty and customer lifetime value. Experiential marketing helps in increasing the word-of-mouth advertising and this mode is one of the most trusted modes of advertising. We help in developing strategies to give you the competitive edge when it comes to experiential marketing.

Logo Design

The logo is the face of the company. It’s the first thing a customer or prospect will notice. It is more than an image as it is the initial identity of your company. The first point of recognition for your clients and first rung of your branding ladder. You want it to be the best since it can convey the true identity of your company to potential customers. It is also an effective mean to convey the ideals of your business. It should be simple and distinctive enough to be recognized. The details of a logo are extremely important since it is decisive for the visibility of your brand. We design logos that suit your brand’s true identity while incorporating all the key details that will emphasize your company’s character.

WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging app in the world. When you use WhatsApp for marketing, you’re already at an advantage since most of your customers are already there on it. Especially when you target a young customer base, WhatsApp is extremely convenient since 42% of the smartphone owners between the age of 18 and 29 use WhatsApp. We help in setting up your WhatsApp business account and the conversational aspect of this method is taken care of by us as well. Our team helps in making this experience all the more convenient for your brand.