2D Video Creation

Videos are becoming a critical part of most content marketing strategies since the consumer base is more interested in watching a video than read an article. This is the capability of an audio-visual content. The most successful 2D videos depend on the strong characters to get their story across. These characters can differ in complexity and they don’t even have to be humans to convey the message. This is why 2D videos are being used widely by service providers and sought after by consumers to enhance their understanding of the service. Google’s algorithm for search rankings also counts the time a visitor spends on a website and this is one reason why 2D videos are seeing explosive popularity.

2D Video Animation

Importance of 2D Videos

  • Conversion Rates: 85% of the consumers are more likely to buy a product once they see a 2D or an explainer video. These videos also help budding owners keep a count on the number of these viewers who actually become customers. Also, the potential of a product can be traced through the number of views on each video.
  • Clarifies the Objective: Text can be interpreted in many ways and that ambiguity could negatively influence a product. The objective of a product must be crystal clear and direct. 2D videos help in maintaining this coherence since one understands better after seeing and hearing someone explain it. These videos help you connect better with potential customers.
  • Rank Better in Google: Stale websites are better off if non-existent. Websites with endless pages and images rank low in search engines, which means lesser exposure. It could also divert a customer’s interest who wants to buy then and there. An average person takes less than a minute to make a decision on purchasing something. 2D videos grab their attentions immediately.
  • Increase Web Traffic: A ‘viral’ video is one that suddenly pops up and amasses millions of views in a short span of time. There is no set rules or guidelines for a video to go viral. If your video has the potential go viral, be assured that this will drive unimaginable web traffic and increase your sales manifolds. Well, it is not necessary for your video to go viral, but a good and attractive 2D video can direct as much traffic a viral video can, just that the time is what differs.

Code Lanes has 2D video makers who have led successful campaigns and done extremely well in other videos as well. We like to bring out the personality of a service provider since this is one thing that makes a customer become a repeat customer. Especially in a business where you might have little or no interaction with the customer, 2D videos play the crucial role of giving life to your pitch.

Apart from all these benefits of we have mentioned here, there are so many other advantages that we might have to make a 2D video about that too. People all over the globe create videos for reasons ranging from creating awareness to reviews, which proves that 2D videos are the most popular means to share information and advertise your product. Tell us what you want in your video and we will put them exactly as you would have imagined.